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Are tanning beds safe?

Without a doubt, we believe their are many more benefits that can be achieved by regular tanning bed use than can be harmful!   Tanning indoors provides the same benefits and risks as outdoor tanning. Both feel good and can improve your appearance; both also call for moderation and proper skin care. Indoor tanning, however, provides a more reliable, controllable exposure of UVA& UVB tanning rays. Each tanning bed is regulated by the Federal Drug Administration and rated for maximum exposure time. In addition, bask employees are Smart Tan Certified to recommend the best, most responsible way to get the result you’re looking for.

Wherever you tan – at Bask, another salon or in the great outdoors – keep in mind the Golden Rule of Smart Tanning: Never Burn. Sunburn does not turn into tan, it actually keeps your body from tanning while exposing you to increased risk. It’s always better to build up your tan – your body’s natural defense against uv overexposure  – slowly, safely and in moderation.

Benefits of tanning include:

  • Weight loss, clear up of acne and psoriasis and alleviate stress and seasonal affective disorder.
  • Vitamin D- please see this website, on the new evidence of how the vitamin d in uv rays helped protect against certain cancers.

For additional information from the International Smart Tan Network go to


Can do an airbrush tan or tanning bed while pregnant?
Yes, you can do both while pregnant!

For tanning beds, what we want to avoid is overheating.  We'd recommend our Open Sun 550 bed with Air Conditioning, as it is the most effective bed for this.  We will also recommend a shorter time in the session to make sure your body does not get too warm. 

Airbrush Tanning - Yes, this is also OK.  Hormones and your PH Balance can be a little out of wack during pregnancey, because of this we can not guarantee the typical results in the first trimester of your pregnancy.  What would happen is the airbrush would just not absorb into your skin and their would be no results.  Although this is rare and usually turns out perfect, it does happen from time to time with Pregnant women. 
How do tanning lotions work?

If you use tanning lotions, there are a number of benefits that you get from them.  According to American Academy of Dermatology the use of tanning lotion is a must during an indoor tanning session. The benefits of tanning lotions are:

They contain essential nutrients which restore the condition of the skin.  this makes skin softer and healthier.

They protect you from premature aging.

The amino acid tyrosine present in lotions stimulate the melanin production giving a uniform and better tan.

The lotions for indoor tanning contain DHA formula that enhances the tanning procedure.  the accelerating of tanning is beneficial in the sense that it reduces the time of exposure under the lamps and moderate tanning threats no risk.  also, it provides the dark tan that you desire.

The tanning lotions also contain hydrating particles that keep the moisture balance of the skin intact and no wrinkles or dryness prevails.

Bask offers the most excellent assortment of products available in the tanning and skincare industry. we have tanning accelerators, bronzing creams, hydrating lotions, and skincare products just to name a few.  Please visit our salon to check out all of the new and exciting trends in tanning and skincare products. we are more than happy to help educate our clients and suggest products that are just right for you!

How does UV tanning work?

The sun and uv tanning equipment work together to get you tan by emitting two types of light rays.

uv-a rays are mainly browning rays that turn the melanin in your skin from pink to brown. This reaction is the body’s natural protection from the sun. UV-A rays penetrate a little deeper into the skin than uv-b rays, are less likely to burn you, and take a few hours longer to produce their full result.

uv-b are the “activation rays” that stimulate your skin’s melanocyte cells to bring more melanin to the surface. uv-b rays penetrate less deeply, provide a slightly quicker effect, and add a natural glow to skin color.

while top equipment provides higher uv-a percentages, a little uv-b is important in maximizing your tan.

How does UV-free (airbrush) tanning work?

A fine mist of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is sprayed onto the skin as a self-tanning agent. It does not produce a "real tan" by increasing skin melanin levels, but it can create the tan appearance by way of the development of a brown skin coloring. The action of DHA is limited to the upper layer of the skin and involves a reaction between DHA and skin proteins. The development of color takes anywhere from 2 - 24 hours and the intensity is dependent on the formulation concentration of the DHA in the product. Most first-time customers are amazed at how natural and attractive the resulting tan is. Spray tans generally last around a week depending on your individual body chemistry and other factors like how often you shower, shave or exfoliate, each of which can remove some of your “tanned” skin cells. The Aloe Vera helps to carry the DHA deeper into the skin and promotes a softer, smoother finish. the spray tanning solution contains more than 65% stabilized Aloe Vera liquid. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer that helps the skin draw moisture to the surface. It softens the skin and helps smooth wrinkles.

While the application technology used at bask is much improved, DHA has been used for decades and has been declared safe by the Food & Drug Administration. Our formula includes cosmetic bronzers so you leave our salon with a beautiful tan as your DHA tan takes effect.  Our solutions are all 100% organic and natural.  We use the best quality solution available on the market and stand by our products as we truly believe they are the best available. 


I have really dry skin, will my airbrush work?
There are a few things that can effect your airbrush results: not preparing your skin properly, extremely dry skin, and unnatural PH balance. 

-Before your session follow our instructions on how to properly prepare for your appointment.  Avoid using any oil base products.
-If you do have dry skin, you can apply a lotion (must be water or aloe based) at least a few hours prior to your appointment.  We normally do not recommend using a lotion, as they can prevent the solution to absorbing to your skin; however, if you have abnormal dry skin, this will help your condition, but MUST be completely absorbed before your airbrush session. 

-Your PH balance can alter your results.  In this case, we can apply a PH balancing spray before your session.  Hormones can also effect your PH Balance.  This is rare and only happens in about 1 of 100 sessions, however, does happen from time to time.  

If you have any questions about any of these, please see salon.  We do offer free touch-ups within 24 hours for everyone, just in case the airbrush doesn't adhere perfectly. 
Is tanning or spa services by appointments or walk-in basis?
While our tanning beds can be used as a walk-in basis, we do recommend making an appointment to avoid any waiting.  For all other services, Airbrush Tanning, Facials, and Waxing, we do require an appointment. 
What is DHA and is it safe?

DHA is Dihydroxyacetone.  It is also known as glycerone, and is a simple carbohydrate (a triose) with formula C3H6O3.  DHA is primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products and main ingredient used in any spray tanning. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. 

DHA has been approved by the FDA for external use.  It is used millions of times per day across the world. 

Once this ingredient is applied to your skin, over time it will dye your skin to achieve a bronzed color.  There are several different levels of DHA and bronzing levels.  We use all organic derived DHA and the highest quality possible for our Sunless tanning and tanning products. 

Why type of specials are we running?

Our specials are consistently changing, so we do not publish them on our website.  We'd be happy to let you know the current specials via telephone or in-person.  You can also subscribe to our monthly newletter, which will email you every month the current specials and promotions.  If you want to always keep updated on what is new and for even more discounts, you can text "bask" to 77948!