Classic medical microdermabrasion uses medical grade crystals that are vacuumed across the outer surface of the skin to remove the dead outermost layer of the skin. This promotes generation of the new collagen that thickens the dermis and improves resistance to the effects of aging.

This process is a safe non-invasive and virtually painless procedure. It is an excellent alternative to lasers and chemical peels. No recovery time.

What conditions does it treat?

  • fine lines

  • wrinkles

  • sun damaged skin

  • acne-prone skin​

  • oily skin

  • blackheads

  • whiteheads

  • dry or patchy skin

  • superficial age spots

  • hyperpigmentation

Classic Facial & Microdermabrasion - 60 minutes                                                                                                        $100    

    gentle cleansing with steamer, performing crystal microdermabrasion process, hydrate skin

    with multivitamin, mask and moisturize with SPF.


    3 pack - Classic Facial & Microdermabrasion                                                                            (you SAVE $15)   $255 

    6 pack - Classic Facial & Microdermabrasion                                                                           (you SAVE $35)   $505


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