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After Your Airbrush

  • wear dark, loose fitting clothing directly after your session. avoid wearing socks or anything tight around your skin. bring sandals if possible. 

  • we recommend leaving our solution on for 8-12 hours if possible. during this time you are free to do your normal activities, however, avoid showering, working out, or anything that will get your skin wet until after this time.  

  • moisturize twice daily with an aloe or water based product. DO NOT use oil based products; such as Dove and Oil of Olay.

  • bask recommends and carries several different extenders and lotions to help extend the life of your tan. these products are specifically designed to increase the duration of your tan and help keep it "fresh" looking throughout.  

  • avoid jacuzzi's, hot tubs, chlorine, and very long hot showers. these all can drastically reduce the length of your airbrush tan.

  • DO NOT use a washcloth or loofa in the shower. just lather and rinse.

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