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preparing your skin is an absolute must! skin that isn't prepared may not absorb the solution as well. the end results and fading of the airbrush can also be affected.

  • shower, shave, & exfoliate your skin - scrub all over your body, including knees, ankles, feet, etc.

  • avoid using any lotion after your shower. if possible come to your session with clean dry skin. if you have abnormally dry skin you can use a moisturizer; however, make sure it is applied early enough that it will be fully absorbed. also, make sure it is a water or aloe based lotion. NO oil based products.

  • remove any make-up prior to your session.

  • make sure to have all your other appointments (waxing, facials, pedicure, manicure, etc.) done before your airbrush tan. 

  • per policy, men are required to wear some sort of bottoms.

Before Your Airbrush

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